Will power doesn't work

What we feel is what powers our daily choices


The food we choose to eat (hungry, tired, fulfilled, bored, empty, etc),

The exercise we do (energetic, in touch with the feelings afterwards, afraid of getting fat, in need of friendly/fun activity or social interaction, etc)

The drinks we have (craving, thirsty, dry, tired, wired, etc)

The emotions we express (hungry, irritable, in love, happy, light, etc)


Self discipline and healthy eating is not all in the mind or simply a matter of habit. Behaviours are also powered by internal functions and bio-chemical processes

More than ever before we are now exposed to vast quantities of toxins and poisons in our environment, foods and drinks. Those affect our bio-chemical balance and in turn our behaviours.

Since 2008 the figures published by the WHO show that cancer has over taken heart disease as the biggest killer worldwide with colon cancer being amongst one the most common types of cancers.

Cravings, lack of motivation and fatigue should all be regarded as symptoms of bio-chemical imbalances as are digestive symptoms such as spastic colon, IBS, constipation, diarrhoea and bloating. Those types of symptoms are not regarded by doctors as being medically relevant, yet they are indicators that we need to pay more attention to our bio-chemical balance before it develops into something more serious.

A body detox is an opportunity to reconnect with what we are feeling and become mindful. A juice cleanse can provide the necessary nutrients for optimisation of liver detoxification while colon cleansing will ensure that the toxins leave as quickly and thoroughly as possible. A detox retreat can also give the space for mindfulness and learning.

Each of us has different needs and affinities for detoxification based on taste, specific bio-chemical makeup, social and cultural references but to consider its relevance in today’s world is fundamental for health and longevity.


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