My latest trip to the south of France in my search for new premises for the retreats was particularly successful. There is definitely something to be said for the power of dreams. My first impression when I arrived and met the owner, Karin, was surprise and disbelief at how I could have found somewhere as ideal and wonderful as this. In fact I did not find it, it found me and that must also say something about the power of dreams...but this is another story.

detox-retreat-escouloubreThe centre is located in the Languedoc region in Cathares country. The area is reputed for its dramatic Pyrenean landscape and is steeped in mystery and traditional stories of spiritual enlightenment and healing. The centre is built on a sulphur rich thermal spring and its water supply is also from an ancient spring. Its history dates back to the middle of the 19th century when it was originally built as a nature cure spa. All the original features remain (including the thermal plunge pool) with lots of additional modern comfort and personal space.

The first retreat to be held at Les Source will be from Saturday 26th of May until Saturday 2nd of June to coincide with the second May bank holiday. The nearest airport is Carcassonne easily and cheaply accessible from Stanstead with Ryanair .
I will be updating you throughout until then and look forward to seeing you there


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