Friend or foe, that is the question

When looking at the intricate interaction of our gut flora and our immune system recent researches are revealing some fascinating facts which go a long way into explaining why antibiotic resistant strains of pathogens are developing at such increased rate and why the bowel is where health (and disease) starts.

Certain bacteria have the ability to produce chemical compounds that inhibit the growth of other bacteria, while not harming their own kind or "close relatives." These chemical compounds or natural antibiotics act as a type of chemical warfare, allowing the bacteria in question to gain a competitive edge by killing off the competition. Meanwhile, other "allies" (such as yeast and fungus) are spared, as they are resistant to the antibiotic chemicals produced.
Our bowel flora make-up is as unique to us as our personality and is influenced by our diet/lifestyle, digestive health and types of chemicals we might be exposed to such as antibiotic, vaccines, fluoride (from certain drugs, toothpaste, drinking water, etc), mercury (from dental fillings etc), chlorine (from mains-water, bleach, swimming pools etc)….the list goes on!

Variety is best when it comes to the landscape of our gut flora

The bowel and its content is essentially the support for the culture of vital and symbiotic bacteria. Just as with gardening, a wide range of species adapted to the variations in environmental conditions, orientation, Ph etc. creates a garden that can thrive, self-regulate and support its environment, it is the same with bowel flora. A variety of species that can each thrive in their own specific environment along the digestive track will ensure self-regulating interactions between colonies and better support of the immune system which is fully dependant on them.

Colonic irrigation and the cultivation of a healthy gut environment

Colonic irrigation and tissue cleansing are potent ways to influence gut bacteria a little like weeding is necessary in a garden from time to time. It will remove the unfriendly guys such as candida albican, drug’s residue (the pill and HRT are especially detrimental here), heavy metals, bile acids and a variety of un-supportive (food) residue (especially if the bowel is constipated – a form of neglect to use the garden metaphor).

Fermenting foods: an effective way to implant healthy flora

As with weed control re-seeding is ideal following a colonic irrigation especially if the bowel flora is in poor condition to start with.
Some foods will support healthy bacterial growth while others will inhibit it or simply favour the pathogen. No other foods will support healthy bowel ecology as much as fermented foods. The fermentation process naturally occurs from the bacteria that live on raw vegetables, in raw milk, on raw sprouted grains, pulses, seeds and nuts. The fermentation can also be enhanced by adding selected strains of probiotics (from a commercially bought probiotic supplement). The end result is a very wide variety of species in well established strong colonies consumed with their very own specific food supply.


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