Nutritional Highlights: Excellent source of water soluble fibre (mucilage); contains potent phytoestrogen known as Lignans, and a wide range of minerals: magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, iron and copper. It is a significant source of omega 3 short chain fatty acid (ALA) and, although for some people the conversion from short chain ALA to long chain EPA and DHA is reduced, ALA has health properties of its own.

•    flaxseedHealth Benefits: The health benefits are many and significant. The phytooestrogens have been shown to help reduce the risk of oestrogen dependent cancers (especially breast cancer) and have similar effects on testosterone dependent cancers (especially prostate). It works by binding to the sex hormone receptors and by promoting other hormones (SHBG) that help escort excess oestrogen and testosterone out the body. The fibres also promote bowel movements, healthy bowel ecology and the resulting elimination of sex hormones in particular.
Other health benefits from the high omega3 levels and water soluble fibres include significantly improved blood lipid balance and reduced risk of cardio-vascular disease

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