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A practical day of learning and sharing led by Anne-Lise Miller & Margaret Klinska* 

Open to everyone from practitioners to lay person

Each session is £80 or if booked together £120 

In the morning we will explore the exciting topic of our microbiome and its vital role in our health and self-preservation. The multitude of symbiotic organisms that inhabite our every crevaces, from skin, gut and ears to lungs nose and bladder, play many important functions. In particular, they control immunity and detoxification and regulate mood, hormones and metabolism. 

As part of the morning session we will take a look at the new and exciting topic of using specific probiotic organisms for sepcific symptoms. We will explore a variety of delivery options from enema and mouth wash to topical application in order to manipulate our microbiome and treat symptoms.

In the afternoon, Anne-Lise and Margaret will be sharing their expertise to help you understand the plrinciples behind fermentation and probiotic foods.

Fermented foods are more than ever needed to help us deal with environmental toxicity such as pesticides and hormone-like pollutants. They play an active role in our digestive health and wellbeing. The diversity of the gut microbes is directly connected with health and longevity.

In this workshop you will 

  • Learn how to lacto-ferment vegetables safely and successfully.
  • Take home a jar of sauerkraut ready for fermenting
  • Learn how to use the various strains of probiotic bacteria available on the market today to manage a wide variety of symptoms
  • Learn how to use enema safely and confidently
  • Effectively manage bowel and perlvic symptoms 
  • Learn what to administer for detox and immune boosting
  • Familiarise yourself with the various pieces of equipment
  • Learn how to prescribe enema for yourself, your friends/family and your clients

The day is worth eight hours of Continuous Professional Development.

If you are a practitioner and would like to include this workshop on your CPD follow this link for more details

* Margaret Klinska is a fermenting expert. She grew up in Poland where sauerkraut making is an everyday food and recipes are traditionally passed on down the generation from mothers to daughtes. Her kind generous spirit will make the afternoon an enjoyable and practical time to intiate yourself to the art of lacto-fermentation.

Sun October 1st @09:00
1 day £ 120.00


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